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Newbridge-Alcatel Specials
90-9738-01 DMM-3 GEN 1119.0 CLEI

Downloadable Memory Module daughter card, Requires System Control Card
(90-0667-01 or 90- 0667-04/05/09 mother card. Supports Software downloading.

90-9740-01 - DMM-3 GEN 1119.0

Downloadable Memory Module daughter card

90-3669-03 - PWR TRAY -48/60VDC CLEI

DC dual input power shelf with front panel indicators displaying power supply status and alarms. Does not contain a power supply. Can accommodate one or two PWR SUPPLY 48/60VDC (90-9524-02) or one power supply and one Mainstreet RINGER PSU (90-5946-01).
90-4927-01 - 28LC LINE CARD 6PT

Includes redundant power supply dependant on the number of high speed interface cards and peripheral shelves, Quantity two needed per Dual PSU and DS3 Protected Pair.
Welcome to our Newbridge / Alcatel Products page. Following the links below, you will find some discontinued & current Newbridge products. Equipments like the Mainstreet line, Channel banks, DTU products, Rackmount chassis, DNIC cards & Bandwidth Managers are all herewith contained.
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Newbridge Network Products Categories

Product Listing by System Category
yell1_4.gif Data Termination Units DTU Including 2701 DTU, 2703 DTU, 2801 DTU etc
yell1_4.gif 3612 Narrowband Mux
yell1_4.gif Intelligent Newbridge 3624 Channel Bank
yell1_4.gif Discontinued 3624 Basic Systems
yell1_4.gif Discontinued 3624 Basic Accessories
yell1_4.gif 3630 Primary Rate Mux
yell1_4.gif 3600 Bandwidth Manager
yell1_4.gif 3600 Multishelf Bandwidth Manager
yell1_4.gif 3600+ Bandwidth Manager
yell1_4.gif 7270 MSC
yell1_4.gif 7470 MSP
yell1_4.gif 7670 RSP
yell1_4.gif 7670 RSP ESE
Parts Listed by Function Type
yell1_4.gif Shelves Depicting Switching Shelves, Locally Controlled Peripheral Shelf & HIgh Speed Peripheral Shelf
yell1_4.gif Power Supplies
yell1_4.gif Ringing Generators
yell1_4.gif Cooling Equipments
yell1_4.gif System Cards & Modules
yell1_4.gif Primary Rate Interface Cards & Modules
yell1_4.gif Voice Interface Cards
yell1_4.gif Voice Interface Modules
yell1_4.gif Application Cards & Modules
yell1_4.gif Distribution Panels
yell1_4.gif FASTbus Interconnect Panel
yell1_4.gif Cables
yell1_4.gif Cabinets

Our website is built on the principle of simplicity. We easily display the model and part numbers to help you find what you are looking for quickly & efficiently. We want you to find the product that you require from 3Com, US Robotics, Newbridge, Mainstreet 3600, UDS, Adtran and many, many more. You can browse through or simply search for a Model or Part Number. If you still  cannot find what you are searching for, feel free to call us at 800-663-1141 or e-mail us at sales@nationaldatamux.com.

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