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Alcatel 2753 90-4093-02 MainStreet Data Termination Unit with 110-240V Power supply and V.35 cable
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110 - 240V الكهرباء والكابلات الكاتيل 2753 90-4093-02 MainStreet البيانات إنهاء الوحدة مع V.35
في بورصة -- جديد -- اطلب الآن -- وهو أقل الأسعار المتاحة عالميا!


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We are located in Gilbert (Phoenix Area) Arizona, 85233 USA and ship Worldwide!

The Alcatel 2753 MainStreet DTU

The Alcatel MainStreet access portfolio is feature-rich and comprehensive, comprising multiservice access platforms (MAPs), integrated access devices (IADs) and network termination units (NTUs). With over 250,000 nodes deployed worldwide, it is considered the most successful digital overlay platform ever built.

The Alcatel 275x MainStreet Data Termination Units (DTUs) are used in many applications that require secure, highly reliable data such as automatic banking machines, lottery terminals and alarm monitoring applications. The Alcatel 275x MainStreet DTUs maximize performance from installed copper facilities.

The Alcatel 275x MainStreet DTUs offer an attractive alternative for providing services of up to 128 kb/s to remote sites, ideal for offering services from a central site to remote locations.

Three types of DTUs are available - the Alcatel 2751, Alcatel 2752 and Alcatel 2753 MainStreet DTUs with TIA/EIA-232 (RS-232), X.21 and V.35 user ports, respectively. All three DTUs share a common network port and can be mixed and matched on the same 12-port line card (90-6396-01 also in stock) . Subrate (<64 kb/s) data is supported and can be multiplexed onto the same DS0. This multiplexing of data allows for efficient utilization of bandwidth and real cost savings. Both the 6- and 12-port line cards can be installed in the Alcatel 3600 MainStreet and Alcatel 3600+ MainStreet Multiservice Bandwidth Managers.

This family of DTUs supports full redundancy on the network interface, the line and the DTU itself.



Technical Specifications


  • Fully software configurable
  • Software downloadable
  • Local or remote management
  • End-to-end path management and configuration via the Alcatel 5620 Network Manager (NM)
  • Full range of automatic and user directed diagnostics
  • Integral BERT
  • Line, port and DTU redundancy
  • Advanced line monitoring for line quality
  • Open and short detection
  • Power failure detection
Network and Service Management
  • Full end-to-end path management and provisioning
  • Local or remote management interface through NMTI, Craft Interface or the Alcatel 5620 NM
  • Centralized alarm management with audible and visual alarm notification
  • Centralized software administration
  • Automatic discovery of equipment additions, deletions and changes
  • Extensive performance data for SLAs and billing
  • Multiple graphical displays of performance data


  • Ports: dual V.35
  • Connectors: DB-25
  • Physical interface: CCITT V.35, ISO 2593
  • Mode of operation: DTE/DCE
  • Control signals supported: RTS, CTS, ALB, RDL, DCD, DSR, DTR, RI
  • Variable character length: 9, 10 or 11 (start, data, parity, stop bits)
  • Rate adaptation: HCM
  • Synchronous data rates: 0.15 kb/s up to 128 kb/s
  • Asynchronous data rates: 0.15 kb/s up to 57.6 kb/s




Also Available - In Stock Now!

Alcatel 2801 DTU  90-4925-01
The Lowest Pricing Available Worldwide!

Ordering Information

28XX Data Termination Units (DTUs) Cables & Power Supply Units
   Model #  Description
  90-2998-02 275X RS232 Y CABLE
  90-2998-03 275X RS449 M-M DTU DTE CPE DCE CABLE
  90-2998-04 275X RS449 M-F DTU DTE CPE DCE CABLE
90-4093-02 2753 V.35 DUAL PORT REDUNDANT DTU
  90-9081-01 AC/DC Power Adaptor 115V NA IEC PWR CORD
  90-5990-40 AC/DC Power Adaptor 230V INT IEC PIGTAIL CORD
  90-9082-01 AC/DC Power Adaptor 230V UK IEC BS1363 CORD
  90-9083-01 AC/DC Power Adaptor 230V EUR IEC CEE 7/7 CORD


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