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In December 2000, Lantronix acquired United States Software, a leading developer of software for embedded applications, and added to its arsenal of embedded technology.

USNET® - Embedded TCP/IP Protocol Suite

USNET is a reentrant network package that includes clients/servers, protocols, data-link layers and drivers. It provides drop-in support for many processors and toolchains and its compact implementation (about 25K bytes for most processors) is ideal for real-time, embedded systems. USNET® is RTOS independent. It can be used with no RTOS and is compatible with SuperTask! applications. Source code is included and there are no royalties.

SuperTask!® - Real-Time Operating System

Powerful multitasking real-time operating system using a kernel containing over 70 system calls. Source code is included and there are no royalties.

TronTask!® - µITRON Compatible Real-Time Operating System

TronTask!® is a real-time operating system implementing the µITRON real-time kernel specification designed for consumer products and other small-scale embedded systems where memory constraints and performance are critical. TronTask! is both µITRON 2.01 and 3.02 compliant and supports multiple 16- and 32-bit embedded processors.

USFiles® - Processor and RTOS independent DOS/Windows Compatible File System

Processor independent, reentrant DOS/Windows file system which supports I/O using a standard ANSI C stream interface. USFiles includes support for long filenames (VFAT) and Unicode characters including Japanese Kanji. Source code is included and there are no royalties.

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