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The Cobox Micro Embedded Device Server

Model #



Board-only Device Server
X-Port Embedded Device Server
Model# Part Number Description
XPort XE XP1001000-01 - Standard XPort
- Minimum order quantity 50 units.
XPort XE SMPL XP100100S-01 - XPort Sample case;
- 1 XPort enclosed
- Order quantities of 1 to 10
XPort SE XP1002000-01 - Standard XPort with 128-bit AES US   Government approved Rijndael
- Minimum order quantity 50 units
XPort SE SMPL XP100200S-01 - XPort Sample case with encryption
- 1 XPort enclosed
- Order quantities of 1 to 10
XPort Development Kit XP100100K-01 - XPort Development Kit

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