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Lantronix introduces ConsoleWorks™, our new console management software that provides IT professionals with a control panel from which they can monitor and manage servers and network infrastructure equipment throughout their organization.

With ConsoleWorks software, time consuming processes of notification, isolation, discovery/analysis and access are reduced to a matter of minutes, resulting in reductions in meantime-to-repair of up to eighty percent, helping to maximize equipment uptime and ensures business continuity.

Installed on a central server, ConsoleWorks captures and logs console output from connected equipment, scans the output to determine which events are important, prioritizes each event for display, and can notify appropriate personnel in real-time, or perform automated actions based on pre-determined rules. ConsoleWorks provides centralized access through standard web browsers, anywhere, anytime.

For organizations that are grappling with the management of widely disparate, complex operations that include branch offices and data centers in secure or isolated areas, ConsoleWorks is an ideal solution to free up administrative resources to focus on more productive tasks, while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managed equipment.

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