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Carrier Access Products

Carrier Access is committed to supporting service providers throughout this migration and beyond by providing IP-based access technologies that offer cost-effective business services while also leveraging existing infrastructure investments. Carrier Access� broadband access technologies enable service providers and enterprise customers to offer carrier-quality converged IP voice and data services that are both easy-to-install and manage, while delivering the quality of service end-users demand. This flexibility leverages current network investments, while enabling the delivery of new VoIP and high-bandwidth Internet services.



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WideBank 28 Series   
The Wide Bank� 28/DS3 and /STS-1 multiplexers help carriers balance capital and operational expenses and space limitations while ensuring reliability and performance. Compact in size with best-in-breed protection and redundancy, Wide Bank is the preferred port-maximizing platform for T1 service delivery from a variety of DS3 or STS-1 equipped devices such as SONET Add/Drop Multiplexers (ADMs), voice switches, data switches and wireless radios. The Wide Bank 28 helps carriers meet the high-availability requirements of today�s critical service needs while also delivering more control and capacity in less space than competitive offerings � at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Audit 600 Series
The Adit� 600 Multi-service Delivery Terminal platform combines the benefits of low capital investments with the ability to add services and capture new revenue while ensuring a migration path to future services. By consolidating multi-network access and multi-service delivery into one platform, the Adit 600 offers a cost-effective and flexible approach for delivering carrier-quality broadband voice and data services in a wide range of wire line, wireless and IP network applications. Field-proven, time-tested and carrier-certified, the Adit 600�s unique ability to simultaneously support traditional TDM and IP services enables a seamless migration, preserving network investments during the transition to converged IP voice, video and data services.

Axxius� 800 Access Integration Platform
The Axxius� 800 Access Integration Platform defines a new level of functionality, cost-effectiveness and performance for access needs at cell sites, Mobile Telephone Switching Offices (MTSOs), customer premises and Multi-tenant Units (MTUs). The Axxius 800 integrates multiple access and bandwidth management functions into one modular platform that delivers transport, edge routing and bandwidth 3/1/0 grooming intelligence to network access points. This eliminates bandwidth under-utilization and costly inefficiencies between Central Offices (COs) or wireless cell site radios, periphery equipment and the high-speed carrier edge and core networks.

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