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About Us

Welcome to the National Data Mux product page. We are here to service all of your Data Communication equipment needs. We provide excellent service to hundreds of companies, ranging from overseas corporations to banks to school districts, city governments and more. The fast changing nature of today's networks presents significant challenges for communication users & service providers. There is, however, the ever-present need to preserve investment in legacy equipment so as to continue with legacy services. These legacy services must be maintained, while simultaneously attending to the growing demand for improved network infrastructures. Established in 1989, National data Mux has been  a useful entity to many companies in the support of legacy network equipment needs while at the same time adapting to the requirements of today's fast networks. We have always been a reliable supplier of data multiplexers, modems, terminal servers, routers, T1 multiplexers, CSU, CSU/DSU & fiber optic products, with special emphasis on Cisco, Adtran, MRV, Lantronix, Newbridge, Micom, Motorola UDS & others.

We are an experienced and reputable seller of both new & used communications equipment. We are an authorized reseller of MRV, Lantronix, Adtran, Newbridge & Multitech products. In addition, we sell Hayes, 3Com, Cisco, Motorola UDS, Datarace, Gandalf, Paradyne, Telebit, Racal Milgo, US Robotics, Penril, Microcom, Xyplex & Micom. Finally to better serve you, we even offer to sell & repair Micom, Multitech, Penril and Codex Multiplexers & modems for your data communication facilities.

Our website is built on the principle of simplicity. We easily display the model and part numbers to help you find what you are looking for quickly & efficiently. We want you to find the product that you require from 3Com, US Robotics, Newbridge, Mainstreet 3600, UDS, Adtran and many, many more. You can browse through or simply search for a Model or Part Number. If you still  cannot find what you are searching for, feel free to call us at 800-663-1141 or e-mail us at sales@nationaldatamux.com.



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